You watched as everything was taken from us - Miracle Baby says about Sailors Gang

Peter Miracle baby of the Sailors gang.
Peter Miracle baby of the Sailors gang.

Sailors Gang member Miracle Baby opened up following multiple questions about what happened to the band Gengetone.

The singer, who sounded sad and angry, stated that the group did not receive any support from the Kenyans and that they had problems with the management company, although everything was played over the internet.

The Gengetone quintet, consisting of Peter Miracle Baby, Shalkido, QoqosJuma, Masilver and Lexxy Yung, was one of the country's promising bands with hits such as 'Wamlambez', 'Wainame' and 'Pekejeng'.

However, their time at the summit was not without problems: There were many pitfalls and bittersweet moments that resulted in the gang disbanding.

It wasn't long before the group had a tumultuous time in the public eye with its management team, MRX Media, a company owned by radio personality Mwalimu Racheal.

Mwalimu Racheal accused Sailors Gang of violating their contract by signing behind his back with a different record label.

During this time, the gang's access to both Youtube channels and music beyond the group's control was blocked.

Miracle Bebek said that his fans should not ask any more questions about the gang, stating that he is embarking on another effort.

Including the world mzima ilikua na ikaona tukinyang'anywa vitu zetu zote: account zetu, doo zetu, opportunities za mamilioni zikapingwa na mnajua nani aliduu ivo… But ikanyamaziwa,” he said.

(The whole world watched and witnessed silently as everything was taken from us, including our accounts, our money, and our million-dollar deals, and you all know who did it.)

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