Rogue Police Officer Beaten Like Stray Dog For Demanding Bribe From a Liquor Store

Inspector Davis Simiyu.
Inspector Davis Simiyu.

A senior police officer was nearly lynched last night after demanding a bribe he wouldn't take from a liquor store owner at Thika's Runda estate.

According to the police report, Inspector Davis Simiyu from Kikuyu police station, dressed as Kenya Revenue Service officials, walked towards Heisenberg wines and spirits with the two lucky ones.

“After a thorough 'inspection' of the liquor store, they turned to the owner, David Mathenge, accusing him of failing to issue ETR Tax invoices to customers and selling counterfeit excise stamps, after which they demanded a hefty bribe. All the while, the characteristic young man hovering around the liquor stores A visibly disillusioned group of men were all eyes and were watching the surrounding events as the so-called KRA personnel looted their local area. They were not happy.” Read the police report.

Inspector Davis Simiyu.
Inspector Davis Simiyu.

The report states, "When Mathenge was determined that he was a diligent taxpayer who ran his business legitimately, the three tried to arrest him. However, his intuition had warned him that the three were thugs who wanted to steal from him. It raised the alarm. "Two of the suspects managed to escape in a car, but Simiyu was cornered and beaten in a manner befitting a stray dog."

Simuyu's life was saved by fellow policemen who were on patrol and heard about the commotion, then rushed to the scene to save him before the gangs' blows and kicks reached his vitals.

After an interrogation, the officers determined that Inspector Simiyu was a rogue cop on the ban. He is facing three lawsuits in the Nakuru and Milimani Law courts for charges of impersonating Kenya Revenue Service (KRA) officials. A fake KRA identity document was also seized from him.

The suspect is currently in custody on individual and fraud charges.

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