Karate Trained Police Officer Fights With Suspect in Westlands Raid

File photo of traffic police assaulting a civilian along Nairobi- Nakuru Highway.
File photo of traffic police assaulting a civilian along Nairobi- Nakuru Highway.

In the Westlands area of ​​Nairobi County, drama broke out after a suspect resisted arrest by fighting with the police officer who went to arrest him.

The alarm prompted law enforcement to pursue him before carrying out his threats, after the suspect in question allegedly threatened to eliminate another person on Friday, January 7.

Arriving at the scene at General Mathenge Road in Westlands, the suspect resisted the arrest warrant and confronted the officer from the Serious Crimes Unit. According to the Criminal Investigation Directorate (DCI), the suspect took a rebellious stance and began attacking the police.

The martial arts trained police officer had to reveal his karate skills and subdued the suspect before arresting him.

“A man who threatened to kill another person and cut him into small pieces of meat was arrested by Serious Crimes Detectives. He was arrested on General Mathenge Road in the Westlands district of Nairobi, where he also made a scene and attacked the arresting officer after resisting arrest,” the DCI said.

“There was a scuffle when the unruly suspect tried to kick and punch the Police Inspector. However, the officer, who was also a martial arts expert, subdued the man effortlessly.”

The suspect was then taken to a nearby police station in the city, where he is charged with threatening another person in violation of the Criminal Code.

A warning issued by the DCI following the incident warned the public that attacking a police officer or resisting arrest warrants fines not exceeding Ksh 1 million or imprisonment for up to ten years.

"Members of the public are advised to remember that attacking, resisting, or deliberately obstructing a police officer in the proper performance of his duties entails a fine not exceeding Ksh 1 million or a prison sentence not exceeding ten years, or both."

Cases of suspects resisting arrest have been increasing in the country lately, forcing security guards to take action and in some cases resulted in death.

In a recent case in Murang'a, a serial prison escapee was shot dead after resisting arrest and releasing a toy gun that threatened to attack a police officer and a girl he had kidnapped.

Confirming the incident, Murang'a Southern Sub-District Police Commander Alexander Shikondi noted that law enforcement in the area responded to the distress call and caught the suspect who was holding the girl hostage in an abandoned house.

"We challenged her to stop and let her go, but he pulled the gun from her waist and attacked the officers while aiming. The police officers fired to immobilize her and a bullet hit her mid-abdomen," the police commander said.

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