Gospel Singer Guardian Angel marries girlfriend Esther Musila (VIDEO)

Guardian Angel and Esther Musila.
Guardian Angel and Esther Musila.

Gospel singer Guardian Angel and girlfriend Esther Musila started the year on a high note when the lovebirds exchanged vows at a secret wedding attended by their families and close friends.

Photos of the couple taken at the wedding were reflected on social media.

Hours later, the Guardian took the cat out of the bag by posting photos of his wife in a wedding dress on its Instagram page.

“And on my birthday, God did it again. Mr and Mrs OMWAKA #lovewins,” Guardian Angel wrote.

Musila and Guardian announced their relationship in 2020 after dating for a while.

Their relationship sparked mixed reactions, especially since Musila is 20 years older than the singer.

In a recent interview with The Nation, The Guardian explained the hardships he and his partner had to go through.

The misconception people have about him is that they thought his relationship with Esther was all about money.

"People always see what they want to see. But if they looked closely, they would see a huge difference in my personality before and after he came into my life, and that difference for the better. I've been with him for three years and if we'd been faking it, we'd have broken up by now," he said.

Esther also admitted that she was rejected by some of her close friends, whom she considered family, due to her relationship with the Guardian Angel.

“It was difficult in the beginning, just as the Guardian said, people accused him of being after my money. I was accused of wasting her time as she couldn't have children with me,” she said.

"I lost friends I've known for years and actually felt sorry for them because I thought they were good to me but apparently our friendship didn't mean that much to them," she said.

She says she's now used to stares and whispers when she walks into a room.

She claims that she never dreamed of finding herself where she is now and loves every moment of it.

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