Two men sentenced to life imprisonment for killing boda boda rider in Siaya

Crime Scene.
Crime Scene.

Two people convicted of killing a boda boda operator in Siaya in November 2018 were sentenced to life imprisonment.

The duo, Benjamin Odhiambo and Vincent Owuor, are said to have repeatedly crushed a Ronald Otieno during the incident.

The incident took place after Otieno and his girlfriend Mercy Okinyi had an argument at a popular Siaya entertainment venue on November 30, 2021.

After the argument, Okinyi quickly got into the suspects' vehicle and drove away, but Otieno, who was next to his brother, preferred to follow them on his motorcycle.

Otieno is said to have tried to stop the vehicle, but passengers ignored his progress and crashed into his motorcycle from behind.

"As they approached the Sigomere commercial center, the motorcycle caught up with the vehicle and passed it. Determined to get her daughter back from the two men, the victim signaled the vehicle with her brother, but the driver had no intention of stopping," the statement said.

"It accelerated and hit the motorcycle from behind, throwing the rear passenger into a nearby ditch and the deceased on the road."

Later, two people who got out of the vehicle took the victim's body to the road in order to cause the accident. They crushed him multiple times before he accelerated.

"The deceased's brother who was thrown into the ditch did not die. The DCI faked death only to escape the wrath of the bad guys who killed his brother in cold blood," he said.

"Thank God for saving his life, the shocked victim listened from the ditch as the vehicle passed over his brother's body several times before finally leaving."

However, after Sleuths arrived on the scene, he realized that the accident had been faked by the criminals. Their vehicles to Nairobi would later be stopped by the police.

"A homicide detective team composed of Headquarters Homicide Branch and Crime Scene personnel subjected the vehicle to clinical forensic analysis and collected several samples for examination," the DCI said.

"The results of tests from the DCI forensic laboratory confirmed that the vehicle had passed over the deceased's body several times after traces of the deceased's brain matter and DNA were found under the vehicle."

In announcing the verdict in the Siaya High Court, Judge R. E. Aburili stated that the court was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the two were indeed guilty of murder.

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