Sonko settles debts left behind by Mombasa police officer who committed suicide

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.
Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has paid off some of the debt of the police officer who committed suicide yesterday in Mombasa, Changamwe.

In a post she shared on her social media pages on Friday, December 10, Sonko said she came across the heartbreaking story while surfing the internet last night.

“Sometimes ukiwa insomniac unapatana na very sad stories online. “I came across this sad story of a police officer from Changamwe Police Station who committed suicide in Kwa kujinyonga and left behind him a detailed letter to his boss and family about what to expect after his death,” Sonko said.
The unidentified officer asked his colleagues to redeem their contributions for funeral expenses to another officer, identified as Sergeant Maina, and two women, whom he owed Ksh 17,000 and Ksh50,000, respectively.

“Alafu kuna is part of the deceased officer anaongelea mine aliyoyawacha duniani Yakatwe kwa pesa ya burial itakayochangwa through the WhatsAap group. Kuna 17k den or Jeruto MPESA store, Kuna den ya 50k or rafiki yake anaitwa philipita worthy. "This is a very bad example to the public and should not be repeated in the future," he said.

Sonko also urged all police officers facing various challenges to address them with their bosses.

"If they can't find a quick fix, they should try to reach out to us as their local leader, can we find a solution to their problems before they decide to take their own lives, leaving their families in pain and poverty?" Sonko said. said.

The former governor stated that men and women in uniform had and experienced the same problems as civilians, and that he was uncomfortable with the officer's decision and said that there was always a solution to the problems.

“Police ni binaadamu tu wedge fog kwa hivyo pia wao wanapitia shida nyingi you wedge fog. We can't keep blaming police chiefs for when a police officer dies of depression while on duty. For example, I was personally offended by the content of the attached suicide note, especially the part where the deceased officer addressed his innocent children,” Sonko added.

In the memo, the officer told his four children that he loved them and asked them to take their work seriously, something Sonko said is going to really hurt the kids.

“To my children, nawapenda sana japo singeweza kuwaaga lakini siku moja tutakutana. Musome kwa bidii na Mungu awalinde,” the officer said in his note.

Sonko said she chose to pay off the corporal's debts not because of her PR stunt, but because she knew how painful it was to lose a parent.

“Kwa leo is not because of public relations and vanity, but because I know how painful it is to lose a parent when you were younger. In MPESA transaction numbers PLA2VVHVOS KSH.17,000.00 sent to JERUTO NJOMO and PLA7VVHPRV KSH.50.000.00 sent to PHILIPINA PUTU , on behalf of the family of this late officer, I have decided to clean up the Ksh17k den or the MPESA store and the Ksh50k den,” Sonko said.

The former governor added that, if his family and Changamwe OCS agree, he is willing to offer a coffin and hearse to transport the deceased officer's body to its final resting place, to ensure all funeral funds will be collected through WhatsApp groups and other. direct forums to help families with other important issues such as paying school fees for children.

"In the meantime, let the officer rest in peace," Sonko finished.

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