Sikura Primary School In Trouble For Killing A Class 8 Pupil With Too Much Bread

Sikura Primary School In Trouble For Killing A Class 8 Pupil With Too Much Bread.
Sikura Primary School In Trouble For Killing A Class 8 Pupil With Too Much Bread.

Reports reached that an 8th-grade student at Sikura Elementary School passed away under mysterious circumstances.

A normal bread-eating contest turned deadly after an eighth grader choked on the same food and died instantly.

However, this news from Sikura Elementary School angered many netizens who wondered how such a risky game should take place in a school. Kenyans said after the unfortunate event:

“Why coding, knitting, etc.? Can't we do contests? Feeding wheat to children is utter nonsense.”

“In other countries, eighth graders can hold a “cooking contest” in Busia, while competing on technology subjects…. what an irony!!!! Shine on your way 🤐🤐🤐”

“You have competition, but you have security measures. Unfortunately, security is not standard practice in our society.”

“This thing is crazy, I remember we had competitions like this back in elementary school. It's so painful."

“Some events will not happen! Of course, how can a school or a sane person organize an eating contest! This is so disgusting and the organizers with the management of Sikura elementary school face the wrath of legality, this is bullshit and top-notch insanity. Nkt!”

“The other day… a bull killed someone in a bullfighting competition… now bread kills in a competition… in this age such competitions should be abolished.”

“These kinds of competitions are outdated in this age and age. Let children compete with other sports, but do not eat. reactionary and archaic.”

"It's just speculation the police are still investigating to determine if this is what killed him, the doctors will also give us the finding there after they do an autopsy test for the patient."

“Such competitions should be abolished in schools, eighth graders are too small these days, 6-8th graders.

“I have no words for the people of Busia. Others are racing to find a covid vaccine, while others are racing for food 🍞. Seriously!!!! Get rid of the fallen heroes and send my deepest condolences to their families.”

“Research so far shows that most people die from what they love most to do, not even RIP Young.

teachers could have imagined that bread could cause death…”

Sikura Primary School is in Busia district.

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