Petitioners Demand CNN To Fire Larry Madowo Immediately After Reporting News While Wearing A Boxer

Larry Madowo.
Larry Madowo.
Larry Madowo received mixed reactions after he was seen on a live broadcast as a reporter for CNN, wearing only underwear and no pants.

For starters, Larry was hired by CNN in May this year to take a new position as the network's Nairobi-based correspondent.

Well, CNN international reporters have curtailed their movement with the recent rise in Covid-19 cases caused by the highly contagious Omicron variant, some now reporting from their own homes.

Larry Madowo told CNN about the ongoing Tigray conflict in Ethiopia from a hotel room or living room in Nairobi.

While covering the conflict in Ethiopia, the CNN reporter took a photo on social media and posted a photo of himself.

Larry Madowo.
Larry Madowo.

From the photo he shared, it can be seen that Larry is wearing a shirt and a coat, with only underwear under his stomach, no pants.

However, viewers couldn't see Larry's underwear as the camera only focused on her chest.

Still, there were those who resented Larry's decision to report even though he wasn't wearing pants.

While some netizens simply laughed at Larry's photo, others fiercely criticized him, and some even urged CNN to take disciplinary action against the famous Kenyan journalist.

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