Happy Birthday Opposition Leader You Will Never See The Presidency - Murathe To Ruto

Jubilee vice president David Murathe and vice president William Samoei Ruto.
Jubilee vice president David Murathe and vice president William Samoei Ruto.

Jubilee vice president David Murathe wished vice president William Samoei Ruto a 55th birthday in style.

David Murathe, while sending a birthday wish to the vice president, said he would never see the Kenyan presidency with his eyes.

“Happy birthday to the fifth opposition leader. Another golden opportunity to remind you that you will NEVER SEE THE PRESIDENCY." He wrote of Murathe on his social media page.

However, Murathe wishing DP Ruto a birthday and reminding him that "I will never see the state house" received a variety of comments from Kenyans, as seen below:

"Shame on the proud murathe, imejengwa kwa ploti yako, kwani province."

“Happy 5th birthday, if God sees us, we're going to shame this brainless coconut pathetic!! Murathe believes He is God !!No weapon created against William Ruto will succeed.”

“Man proposes to oppose God. It would be better not to wish him anything. The presidency is not a matter of life and death. May God surprise you one day, Murathe. Happy birthday to Uncle Willy.”

“Of course, how can a birthday remind someone of failure? Otherwise, thank Jah for living in heaven.”

"Remember, Raila used to refer to uhuruto as "vifaranga vya kompyuta," but did that deter them from coming to power? Likewise, no matter what names you give Ruto, if God anointed him to reject who you are."

"It's not good to wish someone to fail an exam but wish them success or shut up and still have a happy birthday William. Keep shining until that big day you swear, God it's possible."

Recently, Jubilee vice president David Murathe made it clear that vice president William Samoie Ruto won't be seeing the doors of the statehouse anytime soon.

Murathe reiterated President Uhuru Kenyatta's sentiments that they would not allow thieves (a term used indirectly to attack William Ruto) to seize power.

"We have unanimously agreed that we will not leave the power to a thief," he said. Written by the Jubilee Vice President.

Murathe voiced these thoughts a few minutes after attending the Jubilee Press conference chaired by the general secretary, Raphael Tuju. Mr. Tuju equally stressed President Uhuru's feelings that they would not leave the country in the hands of thieves.

He told people to be very careful with the people they voted for, as some have plans to steal from the public. Therefore, he asked them to choose leaders who would further their legacy and that of former president Mwai Kibaki.

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