Eric Omondi now shifts attack to Tanzanian artistes

singer Zuchu and comedian Eric Omondi.
singer Zuchu and comedian Eric Omondi.

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi is still so angry with artists in the entertainment industry that he has started attacking Tanzanian musicians this time around.

In an Instagram post, he claimed that the 'Amapiano' genre enjoyed in South Africa killed off the bongo music popular in Tanzania.

According to the comedian, East Africans are slowly losing their identity and pride as Kenyans are asleep and Tanzanians lose their focus.

“East Africa sorry!!! I Cry for MY PEOPLE😥😥😥. Nina Huzuni Moyoni😥. Bongo flava has always been the PRIDE of East Africa to Kwa sasa IMEKUFAA. Artist of Kila Tanzania Kwa sasa Anaimba Amapiano. We Lost Our CULTURE, We Killed Ourselves!!! Tumekaribisha, tumeiga, tumeichukua Tabia na Mwenendo zake Jirani tukajisahau wenyewe😥😥😥. WE LOSE OUR IDENTITY, OUR PRIDE!!! Naomba ndugu Zangu Wa BONGO Turejee kwa upesi before it's too late!!! Wakenya WAMELALA, Wa Tanzania wamejipoteza” wrote.

The post caught Zuchu's attention. He quickly retaliated and vehemently opposed Eric, noting, on the contrary, that the Bongo artists incorporating 'Amapiano' in their music brought diversity to their advantage and to the entire music industry.

“Bongo taste never dies, artists step outside their comfort zone. It's called diversity. Trying new sounds hasn't killed any industry, the music industry is big, so let artists try new things ndo mabadiliko hayo,” Zuchu wrote.

In his response, Omondi claimed that 'Amapiano' was just a 'passing cloud' and stated that what is not broken should not be repaired.

“My dear sister. It always starts like this, we always start by losing our Originality and Identity and giving excuses for it. Huku Kenya tulianza vivyo hivyo ve Muziki wetu ukapotea. Wazungu wanasema “If it's not broken, don't fix it!!” Bongo Fleva iko SAWAA kabisa na Hakuna haja ya kuwacha Bongo Fleva ati Kwa ajili or “Diversification.” Amapiano ni Basi tu linalopita with sisi tukiipanda bila kujua kinaenda wapi basi tutashindwa dried nyumbani. “Sukari” in that Sweet Authentic Bongo Tone and Beat, basically what you do is click Kuinua Taifa na Bendera ya Tanzania choke clicks and WE LOVE THAT and we are proud of it. However, when you constantly change that Bongo Sound na Amapiano baada or Mda tutakua tumejipoteza ,” he wrote.

"The only East African Musician I know is Diamond Platnumz, Sauti sol is called but not enough. I said what I said," he added.

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