Chiloba Moves to Revoke Capital FM, NRG Radio Frequencies

Communications Authority of Kenya Director General, Ezra Chiloba.
Communications Authority of Kenya Director General, Ezra Chiloba.

Ezra Chiloba, Director General of Kenya Communications Authority, initiated the cancellation of license offers to 60 applicants for radio broadcasting licenses.

The CA boss said in a statement that action was taken after broadcasters failed to comply with the license offer within the bid period stipulated by the Agency under the Kenya Information and Communications Act.

The cancellation of the license offer is accompanied by a notification that the FM broadcast frequencies allocated to the applicants have been cancelled.

Some of the notable radio stations are Capital FM, NRG Radio, Mbaitu FM and One FM.

“Note that the agency has taken regulatory action against the broadcasters and broadcast service license applicants listed below for failing to comply with the relevant requirements set out in the Code,” Chiloba said.

Here is the complete list of radio stations named by Chiloba

    1. Kesha
    2. Winam
    3. Radio Amani
    4. Kalya FM
    5. Gulf Radio
    6. Qwetu Radio
    7. Vihiga FM
    8. Weather – Real Time Reports
    9. Nyanam Initiative CBO
    10. Warsan FM
    11. Mbaitu Fm
    12. Ruben Coil
    13. Hero FM
    14. Onagi
    15. Kong'asis
    16. Mwariama FM
    17. Kegocho
    18. Mu Fm
    19. Mmu Fm
    20. Muslim FM
    21. Syokimau FM
    22. Radio Sahara
    23. Egerton
    24. Milambo Bajona
    25. An FM

More to follow

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