WATCH: Adele has heartfelt moment as she reunites with influential teacher at London show

'An Audience With Adele'.
'An Audience With Adele'.

While Adele was filming her special show in England, she wept when it was revealed that an influential old teacher was in the audience.

The "Easy On Me" singer had to stop filming of "An Audience With Adele," which was filmed at the London Palladium earlier this month and will be released in the UK on Sunday night, when she got emotional when she was reunited with her ex. Teacher from Chestnut Grove School in Balham, south London.

Emma Thompson in the audience asked Adele who inspired her in her youth and prompted the 33-year-old star to talk about her eighth grade teacher.

And the "Actually Love" actress stunned Adele when she announced that the teacher was in the audience.

One of the viewers told The Sun on Sunday: “It was a really emotional moment.

“Adele has eloquently described how her teacher was an inspiration as a teenager. Realizing that she was in the audience, she immediately took the stage and she burst into tears. It was the biggest surprise of the night."

Filming was later stopped by a comedic rendition of her friend's version of "Make You Feel My Love" as Adele had her make-up fixed and her friend Alan Carr intervened and asked to entertain the audience.

Adele crying.
Adele crying.

An insider said: “Alan jumped onto the stage while Adele, with her make-up off, went for a touch-up.

“He did a great job, it was super fun. She sang 'Make You Feel My Love' for a while, but she made up her own words, she. It was funny."

The “Hello” hit producer recently admitted that he hates being famous.

She said: "It's funny that I'm an artist for my fucking job. But celebrities come along and I'm not ready for that.

"I don't really like being famous ... and that's my story, and I feel like I've got my story back."

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