Uganda Suffers Third Deadly Explosion In A Month, Terrorists Target Parliament Building

A man walks along the street in Kampala where the explosion went off.
A man walks along the street in Kampala where the explosion went off.

Scores have been reported injured and at least one has been confirmed dead after two explosions went off near Uganda’s Parliament building in the capital Kampala.

The twin explosions went off around 10am on Tuesday November 16th in downtown Kampala, the blasts happened minutes apart.

Two explosions have been reported at Kooki towers, opposite Central Police Station in Kampala and near Parliament building.

Parliament was immediately sealed off by security personnel after the explosion went off, and minutes later another explosion was reported at Kooki towers.

Photos and videos shared on social media showed heavy clouds of smoke and some cars burning near Jubilee Insurance along Parliamentary Avenue.

The exact number of casualties is yet to be confirmed by Ugandan authorities, some photos on social media show police and Red Cross helping victims.

The Tuesday November 16th explosion is the third blast to happen in Uganda in a month. The first explosion happened on October 23rd 2021.

The October 23rd explosion which occurred in Kampala killed one person and injured three others, police called it an act of domestic terror and for which the Islamic State group claimed responsibility.

The feared ADF, historically a Ugandan rebel group, has been accused of killing thousands of civilians in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

In March the United States officially linked the ADF to the Islamic State group.

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