Three officers arrested after 3 suspects escape from Kilgoris Police Station

Police Cell.
Police Cell.

After three suspects escaped from custody at Kilgoris Police Station on Saturday morning, three police officers were arrested and a manhunt was initiated.

In a police report seen by Citizen Digital, the suspects; Shadrack Leparan, Enock Ndege and Patrick Mausa escaped through the hole they had created after removing bricks from the wall of their cells.

It is said that they then fled towards the county of Kilgoris.

Leparan (29) was in custody on suspicion of murder, and Ndege (28) was in prison for theft.

According to the report, the three were one of five suspects held in solitary confinement; the other two denied any information about the escape upon questioning.

Corporal Carlmax Okello, the night watchman, also said he had not heard of the suspects fleeing.

He has since been detained by the police along with two other officers; Corporal Jalus Okoa and Andrew Bett.

They are expected to appear in court on Monday.

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