Teacher in court for luring her teenage pupil to bed using WiFi

Milimani Law Courts.
Milimani Law Courts.

Nairobi elementary school teacher Loise Martha Musyoka is facing a long prison sentence after she was arrested for sleeping with an elementary school student from her school.

Loise Musyoka was brought before the Makadara courts when her sickening crime was exposed to the entire nation.

According to the crime chart, the teacher started making romantic advances towards the 15-year-old boy at his school on October 5, 2021.

On October 5th, the horny teacher made a phone call asking the boy to stop by his house in Njiru sub-county to help him fix the wallpaper.

The boy was not at home and promised his teacher that he would later help him when he returned to his parents' house.

The next day, he went to his teacher's house with seven students from their school, nothing happened that day.

Days later, she was accompanied by her close friend, the 15-year-old boy who went to his teacher's house to use WiFi.

The teacher entered the bedroom right after the two boys arrived, and when the boy asked her for the WiFi password, she invited him into the bedroom so she could give it to him.

When Loise entered the boy's bedroom, she jumped on him. The court heard him kissing and caressing her until she got into a sexual mood.

The teacher then robbed his student and made her sleep with him. Loise would have gotten away with dirtying if she hadn't been an informant.

The informant was seeing several men at her home and decided to go to the school where she taught to file a formal complaint that Loise was taking advantage of her students.

The reporter's complaint caused the victimized child to tell his mother what the teacher had done to him. The matter was reported to a nearby police station and Loise was arrested.

Loise pleaded not guilty when she appeared before the Makadara court to answer accusations of defiling minors.

The judge released the accused on a bail of Ksh 200,000 while awaiting the hearing of the case on April 4, 2021.

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