Police Probe Death of BBC Journalist Kate Mitchelle At Her Nairobi Hotel Room

BBC Journalist Kate Mitchelle.
BBC Journalist Kate Mitchelle.

The prime suspect in the murder of British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) executive Kate Mitchell has been found dead by police officers.

According to Nairobi district police commander, Augustine Nthumbi, the suspect jumped out of the room's window from the eighth floor of his hotel room to evade the hotel security guards.

However, he jumped to his death and his body was later retrieved by the police.

"The suspected criminal jumped out of the room's window from the eighth floor of the hotel after feeling that the hotel security might be after him," Nthumbi told splashnationkenya.com.

However, the Nairobi police chief cautioned that detectives are still finalizing investigations to determine whether the BBC journalist is the real murder suspect. After an autopsy is performed on Mitchell's body, a report will be released detailing the hotel incident.

Nairobi County Police Commander Augustine Nthumbi addressing the press.
Nairobi County Police Commander Augustine Nthumbi addressing the press.

Mitchell, who was in charge of Senior Projects for BBC Media Action at the Ethiopia office, was found dead in his hotel room on Friday evening, 19 November.

He spent more than 14 years at the BBC and has been widely admired by his colleagues for his extensive work in Zambia, South Sudan and most recently Ethiopia.

"The circumstances of Kate's death are not very clear at the moment and we are working with the UK high commission and police in Nairobi. Of course we will do all we can to help and I will share everything I can with you as soon as possible. There is no indication that it is related to", read a memo sent to all staff at the company.

"This news will be incredibly difficult for all of us, and especially for the teams working closely with Kate," the statement said.

His role at BBC Action has required him to work with other media companies to promote human rights and reduce poverty around the world.

“The media help people make sense of events, engage in dialogue and shape their own lives. Yet millions of millions still lack access to free, reliable and practical information. We work with partners to help poor and marginalized people access their rights, increase their rights. make choices and lead healthier lives,” reads a statement from the organization.

The event illuminates rampant crime in the nation's capital. According to a past police report, common crimes in the city include robbery, theft, assault with actual bodily harm, violent robbery, drug possession, and murder.

DCI Officers Combing Through A Crime Scene.
DCI Officers Combing Through A Crime Scene.

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