Omosh Officially Registers A Beggars Association Of Kenya Chama


Whenever omosh kizangila appeared, it was nothing more than left, right and center drama. The former Tihidi high actor leaves nothing to chance until he regains his financial glory.

In the latest teaser, Omosh, born Joseph Kinuthia, has now registered the Kenya Beggars Association, a carousel to help raise money around the world.

In a video circulating the Internet, omosh at a company of musician Justina Syokau said that she will become president and that the association will have branches all over the world.

“Of course, the head of Mimi ndio nitakuwa na tunafungua has branches all over the place. mwenye anataka anatujoin said omosh

In his reply, Syokau said he would become vice president.

When issues begging for money arise, the omosh is not new. Over the past few months, she has made headlines by asking Kenyans to bail her out of the financial crisis she has been helped with. However, it was not enough to pay the huge bills that were waiting.

Regarding alcohol, the former actor needs no further explanation.

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