Meet Belgian Billionaire Who Gifted 21-Year-Old Kenyan Girlfriend Ksh102M

Billionaire Merc De Mesel
Merc De Mesel.

Billionaire Merc De Mesel has put the Nairobi Technical Education Institute student on the government's radar, sending 102 million shillings to his Kenyan girlfriend, 21-year-old Felesta Nyamathira Njoroge.

Merc De Mesel, a name in the cryptocurrency and investment world that has amassed a monumental fortune, has confirmed that he did indeed remit the money in question.

De Mesel, who started trading in virtual currency in 2008 and has been a bitcoin billionaire for years, added that he followed the process and filed the necessary documents.

In the video he shared on social media, Mesel announced that he gifted his 21-year-old Kenyan girlfriend Ksh 102 million after following the right procedures, such as filling out documents with the bank.

Merc De Mesel.
Merc De Mesel.

Shortly after the money reached his girlfriend's accounts, detectives from the Criminal Investigations Department (DCI) raided their home and arrested them, accusing them of financing illegal activities.

The billionaire revealed that he has been with his Kenyan girlfriend for a long time, expressing his optimism that the issue will be resolved amicably.

He explained that his girlfriend was heavily pregnant the day the police raided their home.

“As investors in every stock market and every bank, you have to do this all the time and there is a trace of where the money comes from. The Bitcoin investor stated that it was due to my investments and mediation.

“I knew there was more illegal activity in Africa than in Europe, but without any notice, subpoena or question by the police, I was suddenly caught at my home and had my laptop, phone and passport confiscated, I was taken away in handcuffs and my pregnant girlfriend, I wasn't expecting it. It was believed that we were part of a money laundering scheme because I gave the gift and presented the requested paperwork to the bank. We no longer feel safe in Kenya.”

Parable grew up in Belgium, Europe, in the northern Dutch part of Belgium called Flanders.

He has been among the leading investors in cryptocurrencies and stocks and has generally held his investments for many years since 2008.

“I try to objectively see the pros and cons, the real risks and potential rewards. “I also try to stay in touch with my feelings and what they tell me about a person or investment.”

Merc De Mesel, The Belgian Billionaire Who Gifted 21-Year-Old Kenyan Girlfriend Ksh102M, Putting Her in Trouble with The Government.
Merc De Mesel, The Belgian Billionaire Who Gifted 21-Year-Old Kenyan Girlfriend Ksh102M, Putting Her in Trouble with The Government

Mesel's girlfriend is wanted by the Asset Recovery Agency (ARA), which went to court to freeze the account to which she transferred Ksh102 million as a gift.

He told the court that the account was opened on August 2, 2021, and the money was transferred two days later, according to the agency.

“There are reasonable grounds to believe that the funds held in the account on behalf of the defendant are illicit funds in which the defendant is involved in a money laundering scheme designed to disguise and disguise the defendant's nature, place of origin and movement. funds”, ARA stated in court documents.

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