Mammito Unfollows Boyfriend Eddie Butita and Fails To Wish Him Birthday, Trouble In Paradise or Clout?

Eddie Butita and Mammito.
Eddie Butita and Mammito.

Eddie Butita and Mammito are two Kenyan comedians who have dated for a while now.The two have been together since their prime days at Churchill show.And they have continuously proved naysayers wrong.

However the recent developments might not be such good news.In a check done by Nairobi Gossip Club on Instagram,Mammito has reportedly unfollowed Butita on Instagram.Mammito has been following his hubby all the while.

Also, Mammito failed to wish Butita a happy birthday yesterday when he was celebrating.Thats is unlikely for a couple who have always been over each other on social media and have never shied from making their personal life known.


Eddie Butita Responds

The comedian said, "The last time I checked I only had control of my own social media page, so I can control what I can post on my page. Anything that happens on other pages, I can't control. I think you can contact her and ask her where she is and why she hasn't posted yet?"


"I don't know how she handles her social media. You know that she is a big artiste, she has like 40 people who handle her Instagram, so pengine wamesahau...pengine amesahau."

One could sense that his answer had raised some uncomfortable questions among the assembled guests as to what might be going on between the couple?

Its still unclear or still early to conclude whether there is trouble in paradise or this is just mere clout.We have seen such stunts from different celebrities when they have a project coming up.They usually create such stunts just to have the hype around them and also to generate the clout such that when the project is dropped,it becomes a hit.

Well,only time will tell.

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