Form Four student kills high school lover, her baby before attempting suicide

Crime scene.
Crime scene.

Residents of Saruyot village in Uasin Gishu county are in shock after a Form Four student killed his ex-girlfriend and one-year-old baby.

According to a villager who spoke to the media, Douglas Kiphumba is said to have traveled more than 20 kilometers to his ex's village to reconcile.

“This girl was in Form Three, and the boy who killed her was here last week asking her to be his girlfriend again,” one resident said.

The statement said that the girl's mother confronted the boy and, seeing him hanging around his house, asked him to leave her alone.

“I was on my way to work when I saw that kid around my fence, I wanted to beat him up but people around me stopped me. He left after that," said the girls' mother.

The Form Four student allegedly got jealous after his ex turned him down on his advances, something villagers said is the main reason why he took this heinous act.

“Before the girl moved to Saruyot Middle School, she was attending Biwott Middle School with her ex, where she met her baby's father, who was also a student. The boy who killed Hilda was not the father of her baby,” she said.

After committing the murders, Kiphumba is said to have left traces leading to the place where he left the bodies before consuming the poison.

However, the effect of the poison was slow and was discovered in that area while writhing alive and painfully along a river.

Murder suspect is taking medicine at Moi Training and Referral Hospital Eldoret.

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