DCI Boss Kinoti to Meet 2NK Driver ‘Fired’ For Reporting Intoxicated Students To Police

2NK Sacco driver John Muthoni.
2NK Sacco driver John Muthoni.

The Criminal Investigation Directorate (DCI) summoned the 2NK matatu driver, who reportedly was fired after driving drug-taking students to a police station on Friday.

According to Saturday's DCI report, DCI George Kinoti urged driver John Muthoni to drive at DCI headquarters on Kiambu Road on November 29, to no avail.

"John Muthoni is requested to contact the Director immediately via DCI's toll-free hotline 0800 722 203 or be present at DCI headquarters on Kiambu Road on November 29," DCI said.

Kinoti expressed his dissatisfaction with the school management because of the dismissal of its employees, which he believed should be complimented for noble behavior.

DCI Headquarters.
DCI Headquarters.

"Muthoni should have been commended by her employer for being brave and risking her life, rather than being shown the door to report a serious crime of immorality involving high school students," the statement said.

On Friday 19, the driver in question was transporting 14 students (seven boys and seven girls) from Nyeri to Nairobi for a midterm break and they started smoking and drinking alcohol.

"The driver involved urged them to stop, but drunken students began to unruly threaten him with dire consequences, as others warned him to mind his business and concentrate on getting them to Nairobi," the DCI said on Friday.

“The students, who immediately noticed the sudden turn, hurriedly got out of the vehicle that was on its way to the station. They jumped dangerously out of the matatu windows, leaving their half-smoked knuckles, half-filled liquor bottles and luggage in the vehicle,” DCI added.

After the incident, detectives at the Sagana police station called the school principal to help them identify the students.

14-seat 2NK matatu.
14-seat 2NK matatu.
DCI Kinoti said drug use is the main reason for the unrest of current students in middle schools and the rise in arson cases leading to property destruction.

“Drug use is a crime that breaks the hearts of many parents and ruins the lives of many young men and women. "This may have contributed to recent criminal acts involving the setting of school dormitories and other property on fire," he said.

DCI went even further to note that a manhunt for students is underway.

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