Bobi Wine Breaks His Silence, Delivers A Strong Message Aftermath Of The Twin Bombing In Uganda

Uganda police car.
Uganda police.

Ugandans were today faced with sad news after two explosions rocked the center of Uganda's capital Kampala with initial reports confirming at least two people killed and set several cars on fire with the city left in somber moods.

This comes after barely a month after another bomb rocked the city with Islamic State making its first claim of responsibility for a blast in Uganda in which one person was killed and several injured.

With the local stations in Uganda reporting an unconfirmed third explosion in one of the busy markets in the outskirts of the city, the former singer now turned politician Bobi Wine has broken his silence on the deadly explosion urging his fellow Ugandans to be vigilant as investigations are underway.

"As we all try to understand the cause of the explosions in Kampala today, let's all look out for each other and be extremely vigilant... Very sad that lives have been lost and many others are injured. We should stand strongly with each other in such a tough time."He tweeted.

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