A Man Who Tried To Rape His Own Grandmother, Arrested

Makueni man arrested after failed rape attempt on grandmother.
 Makueni man arrested after failed rape attempt on grandmother.

A 24-year-old man is in custody after his failed plans to rape his own grandmother at around 1:00 am on Wednesday night.

According to the police report, Stephen Mutua Mutala from Kalongo sub-district in Makueni district attempted to commit the heinous act after 86-year-old entered her grandmother's house and crawled into her bed. He then grabbed her by the neck and covered her mouth before attempting to rape her.

The report added, ”The granny in her sunset years screamed in despair as she fought off her attacker, with all the strength that she could gather. This alarmed the frustrated suspect, who stormed out of the house after hitting her grandmother’s leg with a chair, leaving her writhing in pain”.

After the procedures at the police station, work was started to find the suspect, who was transferred to the courthouse.

elsewhere, a one-year-old girl who was stolen from her home in Funyula, Busia county, is finally found and reunited with her biological mother. Baby Gladwel Zawadi was rescued after a meticulous three-day operation and the suspect, identified as Electine Obonyo, was placed behind bars.

Baby Zawadi was knocked on the doorstep of their house on November 16 while her nanny was doing her daily housework. She was busy doing laundry a few steps from the house when she returned to find that the baby was missing.

When the report of the missing baby was received at Funyula police station, detectives backed by general duty police officers immediately embarked on a mission to track down baby Zawadi and bring her home.

For three days, following clues provided by witnesses, the team tracked down the suspect and finally attacked his last evening in the Mabatini district of the town of Busia. Angel Zawadi also recovered and was rescued after the suspect's arrest.

Baby Zawadi gleamed excitedly in the arms of one of the DCI officers, who muttered reassuringly to her mother as if to celebrate her imminent reunion.

The baby was eventually reunited with his mother, Anne Nanjumbia, who cried uncontrollably upon seeing her baby. The suspect, who is currently detained at the Bumala police station, continues to be questioned.


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