Waiguru, Ngirici Goons Fight Outside Church To Attract Ruto’s Attention

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru and county Woman Represenatative Wangui Ngirici.
Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru and county Woman Represenatative Wangui Ngirici.

Bandits belonging to Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru and Wangui Ngirici, Kirinyaga's female representative, had a fistfight outside the Kianyaga Anglican Church (ACK) in Kenya on Sunday morning.

According to a video owned by Bounce Nation Kenya, collaborators of Anne Waiguru and Wangui Ngirici burned the tires and campaign t-shirts of their rivals on the road to prove a point to each other.

Paid youths stood and bullied themselves outside the church attended by vice president William Ruto.

The bad relationship between the two unseen leaders intensified when Governor Waiguru joined William Ruto's United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

Speaking privately to Citizen TV, Purity Wangui Ngirici welcomed Ann Waiguru at the UDA, but gave her a stern warning that she was determined to take her seat and become the next Kirinyaga governor.

As a result, philanthropist Wangui Ngirici pledged not only to win the general election, but to defeat Ann Waiguru by a landslide in the UDA nomination stage.

“There are about 10 people who have expressed their interest in the race for governor, and I know others in the UDA will be joining me, so I want to call Governor Waiguru the caribou to the UDA, that's where the future is. What he didn't see, I saw years ago. I knew what people wanted,” said Ngirici.

“The governor lost ground long ago, right after he was elected, so [his defection] doesn't change anything. It actually gives me less competition, because once I'm nominated - and I know I'll beat him - I'll go and compete with fewer people."

As a result, the female representative vowed to challenge any agent within the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) who told her, including the vice president, to resign from Waiguru. She argued that she has been very loyal to the party the longest, unlike the official who just joined the UDA for convenience.

“Waliniambia nikuje Female Representative? Si nilikuja kwa hiari yang? So with nitaendelea na ya ugavana, mtu akitaka nichange, yeye aende achange yake lakini mimi sitabadilisha… naendea ugavana, na nitaenda come on mwisho,” she said.

“I was loyal to the UDA…even though Waiguru sold the BBI…I stayed loyal to the UDA…and I know loyalty pays.” she continued.

Recently, Wangui Ngirici took a slap in Waiguru, arguing that even after joining the UDA, she will always remain a thief.

“Hakuna wakati hata siku moja mimi nitawahi kusimama niseme kwamba mtu ambaye amechaguliwa kutoka county yangu akafutwe kazi sababu anasaida hii county. Mukiona huyu mother anaingilia Kibicho and kwa sababu Kibicho all kutletea Kemri and huyu mother alikua ameipinga, alikua anataka kuiba hio ardhi. Tukakaa chini kama viongozi tukasema kwamba hii Kemri inakuja hapa itasaidia wale watu wako na cancer. Hii Kemri ambayo inakuja pale tunaletwa University or kusome Medicine. Hello Kemri amabye inakuja pale iko na Hospitali kubwa. Jamani mwanamke alikuja akasema ati 100 acres ni kubwa sana Kemri ipewe 30 acres, 70 acres zirudishwe kwa district. Si munajua despicable alikua anataka kufanya nayo? Mwizi ni mwizi! Mwizi ni mwizi! Ata akipikiwa nini but afanyiwe nini. New nimesema at akiwekwa UDA atakuwa mwizi. Ata Akisupport Ruto atakuwa mwizi. Hio ndo ukweli kina mama," said Ngirici

The two women continue to fire at each other without slowing down in a move that threatens to split the UDA right in the middle when it comes to Kirinyaga politics.

As a result, Ngirici's husband, businessman Andrew Ngirici, threatened with a mass strike for what Ruto called his endorsement of Waiguru.

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