Ndichu brothers’ lawyer now wants Murgor sisters arrested, charged as Murgor cries foul

Ndichu brothers were accused of assaulting women at Ole Sereni hotel.
Ndichu brothers were accused of assaulting women at Ole Sereni hotel.

Edwin Sifuna, attorney for Paul Ndichu and Edwin Ndichu in a case where the twins were accused of assaulting the sisters; Stephanie Murgor and Cheryl Murgor say the sisters must now be arrested and charged.

He claims they were also involved in the brawl that took place at the Emara Ole Sereni hotel in Nairobi on Sunday night, October 17.

On Thursday, November 25, both Sifuna and Stephanie, and Cheryl's lawyer and uncle, Senior Counsel Philip Murgor, held separate press conferences in Nairobi and later made statements to the media.

Sifuna insisted in her statement that the sisters had attacked and harmed Hassan Munira; A lady who was with the Ndichu brothers on the fateful night. And they need to be arrested and charged.


“The Murgor sisters did not heed the police calls to respond to their own accusations of assaulting and actually harming Munira. The police were openly intimidated into giving them preferential treatment because they bore a famous surname. We demand the immediate arrest of the Murgor sisters, or a formal complaint will be filed against DCIO Langata,” Sifuna's statement said in part.

However, Murgor claimed that the Ndichu brothers openly attacked their clients and that the culprits in this case were the twins.

“So it was an interesting development on 19/11/2021 when I received a call from DCIO Deputy Langata asking me to record a statement to our clients Cheryl and Patrick, give them fingerprints, and then be charged with Munira for the crime of arguing. “It goes against all known procedures in which all parties are invited to record a normal witness statement and present their witnesses before a judgment of impeachment is made by the DPP,” he said.

“We reject this distracting side show and urge the DPP to call the file and provide appropriate instructions on how the crime of fighting should be investigated in light of the self-defense statement presented in the previously recorded statements by Cheryl and Patrick. Police investigators are required to seek the guidance of the DPP in light of Article 18 of the Criminal Code.

Stephanie and Cheryl Murgor, two women in viral video of Eddie and Paul Ndichu seek legal action against the Wapi Pay founders.
Stephanie and Cheryl Murgor, two women in viral video of Eddie and Paul Ndichu seek legal action against the Wapi Pay founders.
"Furthermore, the Common Law position is that those who act in reasonable and good faith to prevent themselves, their families, property, or the prevention of crime or the arrest of offenders, shall not be prosecuted for the use of force in self-defense." his statement was read more. 

DPP and IG 

He also stated that he had written letters of complaint both to Chief Prosecutor Noordin Haji and Chief Inspector of Police Hillary Mutyambai; Sifuna refused these letters, saying that the DPP office is independent and requires freedom to work without pressure. .

“Our attention was drawn to a Press statement and a letter sent to the Director of Prosecution a few weeks ago by the Murgor Sisters' lawyers to influence or manipulate the ODPP regarding the incident at Ole Sereni.

“Murgor Sisters should be reminded that the ODPP is an independent office that is not subject to the direction or control of anyone, including famous uncles.

"In the past, we have raised the alarm over attempts by these lawyers to use "legacy networks" in the ODPP to use the ODPP and DCIO Langata to blackmail the unsupported accusations against Ndichus into solving a case in which they are innocent.

"The public now has proof of that in the long thunderous letter from the lawyers in question," Sifuna's press release said.

Extortion claim

Sifuna, her clients; Ndichus had asked Murgor to pay money to settle the matter out of court.

Murgor claimed that three lawyers who sought an amicable out-of-court settlement on behalf of the Ndichu brothers approached them.

Meanwhile, Sifuna put forward his previous claim that the Murgors were out to usurp Ndichus.

“Contrary to the Murgor Sisters' claim, our clients have made no offer to settle this matter because they firmly believe in the legal process. Therefore, our position remains that we want to meet these usurpers in court. We will not bargain with criminals,” said Sifuna.

Murgor's press release was partially read out;

“Also, it was reported on social media that the hitherto untraceable Minira Hassan eventually surrendered to the police. At the same time, a badass portrayal of our clients and ourselves as blackmailers and influence traders trying to take advantage of the incident financially to blackmail Ndichus. There was an intentional and well-planned social media campaign, and nothing could be further from the truth.

“We were contacted by 3 different lawyers, one of whom was a deputy, seeking a friendly solution out of court on behalf of the Ndichu brothers.

“Mr Njenga Kiarie, a lawyer from the firm Amadi & Associates, followed up with a letter dated 26 October 2021 offering to pay for the damage repair of the car belonging to Samuel Ramdas. We politely declined all offers and stated that it is in the public interest to take the case to court.

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