Fresh twist as it emerges that Subaru car used to kidnap Ethiopian businessman had fake registration number

Subaru Car Used to Abduct Ethiopian Tycoon In Kilimani Estate.
Subaru Car Used to Abduct Ethiopian Tycoon In Kilimani Estate.

Bounce Nation Kenya can now reveal that a Subaru car that was at the center of a hijacking on Friday, November 19th was using a fake registration number.

An investigation aimed at unraveling what may have led to Samson Tekklemichael's abduction in broad daylight reveals the suspects are not real from the details of the car.

The Ethiopian businessman was kidnapped while driving on a street in Kileleshwa Estate, Nairobi County.

To begin with, the vehicle was affixed with the registration number KCD 445K, but a study on the National Transportation and Safety Agency (NTSA) portal reveals otherwise.

The vehicle with the fake license plate blocked the businessman's black Bentley in the middle of the road, causing traffic congestion as the public watched.

Tekklemichael was even heard to be asking civilians to record as the men kidnapped him and the events were recorded on an amateur video circulating on social media.

Unidentified men then load him into the waiting Subaru wagon, which is driven from the scene at dizzying speed.

The registration number of the vehicle belongs to a white truck/truck manufactured in 2014.

Bounce Nation Kenya determined that the vehicle arrived in Kenya in December 2014 and was first registered on 3 June 2015.

The truck was owned by a local bank before being sold to a civilian who owns it to this day.

The search for the businessman who was dealing with selling gas cylinders to Ethiopia becomes a difficult task as they do not get clear information from the police about what really happened.

According to his wife, whose name is Milen Mezgebo, she received a phone call from her husband saying she was being held in isolation by unidentified men, before the phone was switched off minutes later.

The lady was then warned that her husband's car had been abandoned in the middle of the road and it would be better for him to take her home.

The lady then picked up the vehicle and drove it to the Kilimani Police Station to report the situation.

Magzebo also told the media that he had also reported the matter to the Ethiopian Embassy.

Despite the incident that occurred in the middle of the day, the whereabouts of the businessman is unknown.

Over the weekend, Kilimani Police Chief Andrew Muturi said the matter was being investigated by detectives from the Criminal Investigation Directorate (DCI).

“The officers already recruited from the DCI are following the matter,” he said.

More recently, Kenya has seen an increase in the number of people abducted before they are found dead.

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