Otile Brown’s top songs restored on YouTube after disappearing mysteriously

Kenyan singer Otile Brown.
Kenyan singer Otile Brown.

Kenyan RnB singer, Otile Brown’s music videos have been reinstated back on YouTube after they were deleted on October 6 for unknown reasons.

Among the singer’s videos that were removed from the platform are: Dusuma, aiyana, Baby love, Chaguo la Moyo, Hi, Watoto na Pombe, Samantha, Crush, In love, Regina, and Ndagukunda.

“We cannot go into the specific details that led to the deletion but we would like to assure you that we took up the issue with our legal team, partners, and with YouTube/Google who confirmed that there had been an issue and assured us that they are working to resolve, restore and reinstate the deleted videos.” Otile’s management said in a statement on social media.

Last week, several Kenyan singers were shocked to find that the songs had been deleted from the popular video-streaming platform.

Self-proclaimed African Popstar, Nadia Mukami suffered a similar fate after her top songs including Wangu, Radio Love, Kolo and Maombi were deleted From YouTube.

Kalale by Willis Raburu and Nairobi by Bensoul were also removed.

Although no explanation has been given for the removal, many Kenyan singers have suffered the same fate in the recent past due to other parties filing copyright claims over their music.

The practice has become commonplace and is now deemed a means of clout chasing by unscrupulous dealers.

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