Narok Wheat Farmer Loses KSh 800k after His Drink Was Spiked During Naivasha Outing

The prominent farmer had just sold his wheat and decided to go to Naivasha to enjoy the fruits of his hard work.
The prominent farmer had just sold his wheat and decided to go to Naivasha to enjoy the fruits of his hard work.

As of late, instances of youthful and excellent women spiking beverages of gullible revealers have been on the ascent in Naivasha town.

For example, a conspicuous Narok wheat rancher is yet to recuperate from the shock of losing KSh 800,000 following a night out with a gathering of women in Naivasha.

In the episode that happened a fortnight prior, the man had recently sold his wheat and chosen to go to Naivasha to partake in the products of his persistent effort.

Sadly, while fun at a well known club nearby, he was effortlessly spotted by the plotting ladies who wound up fleecing him the powerful money subsequent to calming him.

Country revealed that the casualty is yet to recuperate from the episode. The police have dispatched a manhunt for the women who are supposed to be complex and compelling yet where it counts are exceptionally risky.

Woman drinks liquor she spiked

In another episode, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations captured Leah Mwenja who wrongly took a beverage she had spiked with a goal of steadying three men.

Mwenja matured 31, was discovered oblivious along with the three men, accepted to be senior Kisumu province authorities and a MCA at Shikara condos in Nyali, Mombasa area. Prior, the men were partaking in their beverages when a gathering of women moved toward their table.

Wowed by their staggering looks, they enticed the women to join their table. The women later spiked the men's beverages and carried off their PCs, cell phones and other undisclosed assets.

Mwenja who had unconsciously taken the spiked beverage dropped and was abandoned by her accessories.

Irene Njoki Irungu

Elsewhere in the world, DCI captured a lady in Kiambu region for supposedly spiking revelers' beverages with a medication and burglarizing them. The lady recognized as Irene Njoki Irungu who carried out her specialty as 'Michelle' because of a paranoid fear of being exposed was captured on Friday, May 28, in the wake of being on the run for quite a long time.

An assertion from the DCI showed the speculate who was portrayed as famous for the most part connects with those of saw higher societal position. As per the DCI, Njoki spiked revelers' beverages with a medication that sedated them for as long as 12 hours, prior to denying them of their cash and different resources.

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