Mutahi Kagwe’s Rapper Son Kahush Claims He Was Kidnapped, Knows Where Perpetrators Live

Mutahi Kagwe and his son Kahush.
Mutahi Kagwe and his son Kahush.

Mutahi Kagwe is the current cabinet secretary in the Ministry Of Health and people basically came to know him when Corona virus was announced in the country. Mutahi Kagwe has a 23years old son who is his last child.

His name is Kahush and he's a popular rapper in Kenya who came to fame after shooting his hit song 'Mastingo'. Apparently, Kahush loves socializing with people often most especially when he's invited to perform in events. You will see him talking to youths just so that they can be friends.

Last night, Kahush was in an event with friends and they were enjoying drinks as usual. He never knew that the friends had bad intentions and when he got a little bit drunk, they kidnapped him. He has been missing for some hours and this has even left his family members and close friends in panic mode.

Mutahi Kagwe and his son Kahush.

This afternoon, Kahush posted via Instagram claiming that he has been kidnapped and he suspects that it's his close friends. We are waiting for him to arrive home and give more details concerning the abduction.

He said that he knew where the criminals live and even urged them to move out as he was hunting for them.
"To the people who kidnapped me yesterday, I know where u live... u should move out," he wrote.

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