Form 4 Student From Bomet Killed Over A Woman In Bar

Form 4 Student From Bomet Killed Over A Woman In Bar.
Form 4 Student From Bomet Killed Over A Woman In Bar.

A form four student from the county of Bomet was on Monday evening killed over a woman in a bar where they were drinking.

According to reports, the form 4 student was stabbed in a bar located in the Siongiroi area, Chepalungu in Bomet after he openly differed with another man over the lady.

Reports from police officers revealed that form 4 whose details are still scanty was stabbed two times by this unidentified man after they started fighting violently over this woman.

Apparently, the deceased was a student from Kapsinendet Secondary School within Chepalungu Sub-County as disclosed by Siongiroi location chief Joseph Ngeno. He died on his way to Siongiroi health center having sustained very deep cuts on his body.

“The cuts are so deep, he was stabbed with a very sharp knife, the blood spilled all over the place, even some drops were traced all the way to the dispensary where he was taken by those who witnessed the incident,” Said Ngeno.

Ngeno added that the lady who caused all these commotions was still new in the area, with no clear reports on whether she was put behind bars or not.

K24 Digital further reported that the woman recently moved to the Siongiroi area from the Sotik sub-county.

In the meantime, the police boss Mr. Nelson Maasai stated that the suspect was arrested by the officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

“He is currently being held at Chebunyo police post and he is assisting the officers in the investigations,” said Masai.

Thorough investigations have been launched to establish further details on why exactly the two started to fight over the woman with reports reaching Sonko News that the bar has been declared a crime scene.

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