Child Killer Wanjala Allegedly Paid Officers Before Escape

Masten Wanjala.
Masten Wanjala.

Self-confessed serial- killer, Masten Wanjala allegedly paid police officers before escaping from Jogoo Road Police Station.

A report by Citizen TV on Friday, October 15, indicated that Wanjala took the advantage of Covid-19 curfew offenders who had been bundled into his cell on a fateful night, to escape from prison.

On Tuesday night, sources at the station say police officers arrested a big number of curfew violators and brought them to the station.

“They had arrested many people who were outside past curfew hours and they all could not be put at the holding areas,” says the police source who refused to be named. “This forced the officers to put the violators inside the cells where Masten was being held.”

The report further indicated that the offenders, who were arrested on the night the serial killer escaped, were asked to pay money in order to secure their freedom.

Smelling an opportunity, Wanjala, who had spent close to a month at the police station, also lined up as a curfew offender and paid an unspecified amount hence securing his freedom.

It was also revealed that no records were made for the curfew offenders that were arrested and released that night. Wanjala is later suspected to have hitched a ride on a trailer to Bungoma, where he was finally killed by a mob on the morning of Friday, October 15.

Buruburu Sub-County Police Commander, Francis Kamau, had earlier claimed that the killer escaped during a power outage that hit the station from afternoon to past 8 pm on a fateful day.

However, he might have escaped from a police cell in Nairobi, but Milimu Wanjala could not escape the wrath of villagers at Mukhweya in Bungoma County.

At about 6.30 am yesterday, a group of learners on their way to school spotted Wanjala, who had ‘vanished’ from the Jogoo Road Police Station in Nairobi on Tuesday night, and raised an alarm.

Mathias Barasa, a villager, said he was escorting his two children to school when he met a man along the way whose features resembled those of the suspect but did not call his name lest he ran away

Moses Mukhwana, who runs an eatery at Mukhweya market, was among the first people to be informed that the suspect was heading towards the market. He strategically took cover.

“When I saw Wanjala, I called out his name aloud and he started running away. He even threatened me and some villagers who were around. He was armed with a pair of scissors,” said Mukhwana.

The businessman made a distress call that attracted residents who started milling around the market.

“The crowd started chasing Wanjala, who ran into a nearby homestead belonging to Alfred Wekesa, the headteacher of a local primary school.

According to Mukhwana, Wanjala jumped into the teacher’s house through an open window and locked himself inside.

“He hid behind timber that was in the living room but he was panting. Our mission was not to harm him. We wanted to hand him over to security agencies but he attacked us,” he said.

The three men easily overpowered Wanjala and frog-marched him out of his hideout. A mob writing outside descended on him with stones, sticks, and blows killing him on the spot.


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