Adele’s 'Easy On Me' has fans in their feelings

  • Over 280,00 people tuned in to watch the official debut of the lead single off Adele's upcoming album 30 on YouTube on Thursday 
  • The video features the 33-year-old songstress pack up her home and drive away in a pickup truck with her possessions in tow as music sheets fly out the car 
  • The emotional ballad has left some fans deep in their feelings, with some even claiming the song has made them cry, but in a good way 
  • Adele revealed this week that Easy On Me, as well as 30, will be about the 'inner turmoil' she felt as she divorced ex-husband Simon Konecki


British singer Adele made her return to music after a six-year break with “Easy On Me” and fans can’t help but be in a sea of emotions.

Ever since the “Rolling In The Deep” hit-maker announced her return to music fans have been eagerly waiting for the new song.

Last week, Adele gave a small teaser of “Easy On Me” on Instagram Live and fans started losing it even, with that tiny taste of the album.

Adele also revealed that her upcoming album, “30”, is about her divorce from Simon Konecki.

On Friday, the big day arrived with fans already in a depth of sad emotions and loving every minute of it.

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