I’ve stepped it up 10 times, Willy Paul speaks on his unreleased new album

Willy Paul has promised his fans nothing but greatness in his upcoming untitle studio album that's already complete.
Willy Paul has promised his fans nothing but greatness in his upcoming untitled studio album that's already complete.

If there’s anything that Willy Paul has promised that will blow everyone’s mind this year is his official sophomore studio album that he’s yet to release anything tangible about the same.

Willy Paul has been blowing his own about the anticipated studio album that he’s about to drop so much that all his fans are looking forward to nothing else but the project.

Taking to social media a few days ago, Pozze told his millions of fans worldwide that he’s going to drop nothing but a “greatness” studio album urging other artistes to push back their release date because when he drops the project, it will be pandemonium in the music industry since everybody will be listening to his project and nothing else.

“Work work work.. album process! I promise you nothing but greatness this time. Naona ata wasani wakubwa wame hold albums zao coz babalao anatoa[I can even see big artistes have held the release of their albums because their father is dropping],” Willy Paul shared in part.

The former award-winning gospel artiste noted that he totally understand the decision made by the purported “big artistes” that he was in reference to about their solemn decision of pushing the release of their studio albums after he announce the release of his studio album that’s yet to drop.

Willy Paul went further to disclose that the studio album took him almost 8 months to complete it patting other artistes who have released their studio albums already noting that it’s not an easy task at all to release an album.

Promising his fans, Willy Paul real name Wilson Abubakar Radido has promised that the studio album has been stepped up a notch than before, 10 times he said.

“I don’t blame them, I mean it’s taken me almost 8 months to complete the album. Sio kitu OMBWAKNI, to all my country artists that have released their albums, congratulations coz it’s not easy.

But I’ve just stepped it up 10 times,” Willy Paul shared on social media.

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