Why Matatus Fitted With LCD Screens Will Be Required To Register With KFCB

A matatu with an LCD screen.
A matatu with an LCD screen.

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB), has issued a seven-day notice to public service vehicles in the North Rift region fitted with LCD screens, to register with the Board or face legal action.

The more than 10,000 PSVs have also been warned against playing content that borders on pornography and foul language on the screen fitted in their vehicles.

The State Agency warned that conductors, drivers, and Saccos running the vehicles, will be held liable if they fail to comply.

“Failure to comply with the order upon the expiry of the seven-day deadline, a major crackdown will be launched against the affected matatu operators in the region,” said KFCB North Rift Regional Manager, Emmanuel Mbutu.

Addressing the press in his Eldoret office, the Regional Manager said the targeted matatus will not be allowed to operate until they comply as directed.

“We will carry out the crackdown against the rogue matatu operators in collaboration with the police and Regional Government Enforcement Officers,” said Mbutu.

He said they were prompted to move into action, following complaints received from members of the public on exhibition and playing of content that borders on pornography and foul language, in some matatus.

Matatu culture
Matatu culture.

PSVs fitted with screens in the region are considered film exhibitors and should, therefore, register with the Board at a fee of Sh.2, 000 annually. The Operators should also ensure that the content they exhibit is suitable for general exhibition, he said.

“Even if they comply with registration, the PSVs should not show or display nudity or obscenity, especially to school-going children,” said Mbutu.

The Regional Manager said the most notorious routes were Langas, Chepkoilel, Mti Moja, and Maili Nne in Eldoret town and its environs.

He, however, clarified that the action was not meant to punish PSV operators but was only geared towards creating awareness on clean content and protecting children against exposure to harmful content in public service transport.

Those violating the directive will be liable to a jail term of five (5) years or a fine of Sh 100,000 or both if found guilty.

Mbutu asked members of the public to report any violation, by providing the vehicle number plates, route and Sacco of the vehicle involved for immediate action.

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