The first part of the fifth season of Money Heist has arrived on Netflix.

Money Heist Season 5
Money Heist Season 5

Money Heist Season 5 has just been released. And the biggest question that haunts the fans is whether this season will see the death of their favorite character — the Professor.

The final moments of Season 4 saw the Professor (a role essayed brilliantly by actor Álvaro Morte) was held at the gunpoint by Alicia Sierra (played by Najwa Nimri). The cliffhanger has been intensified with the trailer of Season 5 in which Professor says, “It's possible this is the last time I speak to you,” before a war begins. Further, it confirms our beliefs that he will not escape Alicia easily, and that she is likely to torture him. Does her vendetta against the Professor go beyond her profession and call of duty?

Netflix had earlier released a brief synopsis of the final season of the show: “The gang has been shut in the Bank of Spain for over 100 hours. They have managed to rescue Lisbon, but their darkest moment is upon them after losing one of their own. The Professor has been captured by Sierra and, for the first time, doesn’t have an escape plan. Just when it seems like nothing else could go wrong, an enemy comes on the scene that is much more powerful than any they’ve faced: the army. The end of the greatest heist in history is approaching, and what began as a robbery will turn into a war.”

While Professor and his fate seem to occupy most of the conversations on the internet, there are other plot points that will decide the course of events for more of Berlin's background and explore Tokyo’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend René in a flashback. It probably was him who was seen seated in a cable car with her in the trailer — a blink-and-miss moment.

Does the gang manage to avenge Nairobi’s death by turning Gandía into a human bomb? Even though we don’t get to see his face, it most probably is Gandía in the last shot of the trailer — his hands bound and smoke emitting from him. If it is, the fans would rejoice at the revenge, for Nairobi was amongst our favorite characters. Gandía shot Nairobi in the head, killing her instantly.

While the five episodes of the first part of Season 5 has been released today, we will have to wait for another three months for the second part that will release on December 3. There is no way that we will miss the second part for anything in the world, but we are not sure if our nails would survive another biting bout if part one ends with another cliffhanger.

If you aren’t as lucky as the employees at Verve Logic (a Jaipur-based IT company), who have been given a day off today to watch part one of Season 5, you probably will have to wait until you get off school or work today to watch it. Or perhaps binge over the weekend. Whenever you do, we are sure that the team in red will fix all your blues.

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