Panic As Mysterious Explosion Hit Mulot, Narok County (video)

Mysterious Explosion Hit Mulot, Narok.
Mysterious Explosion Hit Mulot, Narok.

Residents of Mulot in Narok are living in fear after a huge and mysterious explosion razed the area.

In a 19 second video that was first shared by a citizen tv journalist based in the region, a huge explosion could be witnessed emanating adjacent to some households in the area.

it’s not clear what led to the huge explosion that has since caused the panic to the locals.

a police officer could also be seen in the location. However, some resident claims that the explosion was a man-made in one of the construction sites.

it’s alleged that the contractors were using the explosives to break the hard rocks in the region. The rocks were supposed to be used in the construction of a river in the area.

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