Jimi Wanjigi Stoned in Migori County, Forced to Cut Short Speech (Video)

Jimi Wanjigi Stoned in Migori County.
Jimi Wanjigi Stoned in Migori County.

Presidential aspirant Jimi Wanjigi was on Friday, September 17, 2021, forced to cut short his speech and leave Migori town after his convoy was pelted with stones.

In the video seen by Bounce Nation Kenya, Wanjigi is seen addressing a gathering before things turn ugly.

"Nikisema ODM, mnasema ODM Fagia wote," Wanjigi tells the crowd before a section of the crowd starts hurling stones at him.

The presidential hopeful evades the stones before leaving the scene immediately.

The businessman man cum politician started his tour of the Nyanza region on Thursday.

Speaking at the Kisumu International Airport as he began his tour of Nyanza, Wanjigi said that he did not need anyone's permission to visit the region.

 "I saw some letter saying ODM officials are not aware of my visit. Why do I need permission to visit Nyanza or any other place in this country?”

“This is a free country and I am an ODM member who will tour the region and popularize the party the best way I know how. I am a die-hard member of ODM so nobody should restrict my movement. This is democracy," Wanjigi told journalists.

The businessman urged the public to vote out the current crop of leaders in order to spearhead an economic revolution.

“The current crop of leaders cannot spearhead any economic revolution because they are part of the problem. The first step of the revolution is to clean the house,” he stated.

Jimi Wanjigi’s Migori meeting fails to take place after fracas
Jimi Wanjigi’s Migori meeting fails to take place after fracas
He also seemed to have an issue with a section of ODM leaders whom he claimed were stifling democracy in the party.

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