Businessman Reveals Love Text Monica Kimani Sent On Night She Died

Monica Kimani and Jowie Irungu.
Monica Kimani and Jowie Irungu.

A businessman who testified as a witness in the ongoing murder trial of Joseph Irungu alias Jowie on Tuesday, September 28 revealed that he received an unusual text from the late Monica Kimani on the night she died.

At the same time, the witness, Antony Kariuki Kaaka, denied having had sexual relations with her, saying they were just friends while being cross-examined by Prof. Hassan Nandwa, who is representing Jowie.

Kariuki revealed to the court that on September 19, 2018, he received a message from her asking him to spend the night with her, which read: “come help me sleep”, on the same night she passed on and her body was discovered in a house in Kilimani, Nairobi.

Antony Kariuki, a witness in Monica Kimani's murder case.
Antony Kariuki, a witness in Monica Kimani's murder case.

He added that he met Monica at a traditional wedding in Nyeri, who was then in the company of a man identified as Jimmy. He later told him he worked in South Sudan together with Monica.

After the function, the two kept in touch until she returned to Kenya from South Sudan.

Monica then called him on September 19 to inform him that she had arrived in Kenya at around 6.00 pm and was in her residence at Lemaria Gardens along Kitale lane off Dennis Pritt road. Upon her arrival, she had asked Kariuki to buy her food to which he did and sent Ksh2,000 to her mobile money account to pay for the food which amounted to Ksh1,600.

Kariuki went on to reveal that he received the text at 9.11 pm from Monica who was trying to confirm if he was still returning to her residence. He called her to inform her of his return.

“As I had promised her, I went to her place. It was about 9:30 pm on arrival,” he told the court.

Kariuki revealed that the security guards at the residence did not ask for his identity card (ID) as they were informed by Monica that she was expecting him.

“She came to the parking lot, hugged and told me she wanted to go back immediately because she had two visitors in her house, a Lebanese man and another man, whom she said worked as a security guard at State House, Nairobi."

“At 11 pm, I received the strange love message from Monica, asking me to go and help her sleep. I tried calling her, but both her Kenyan and South Sudanese cellphone lines were not going through. I texted her, but she did not respond,” the witness testified.

The following day (September 20, 2018), Kariuki received a missed WhatsApp call at around 1.31 pm from his friend Willis, and three minutes later, Willis sent him a message that broke the unfortunate news.

Prof. Nandwa further pressed Kariuki on, asking him if he thought the message Monica sent him on the night of her demise might have led to her untimely death.

"Did you know that she might have been cohabiting with another man, who was provoked by the message?” he asked.

However, Kariuki disclosed that he had no information regarding the questions asked.

Jowie Irungu is the key suspect in the murder of Kimani, alongside media personality, ex-Citizen TV anchor and his former lover Jacque Maribe. The hearing of the murder case will continue on Wednesday, September 29.

Jowie Irungu and former TV anchor Jacque Maribe in court.
Jowie Irungu and former TV anchor Jacque Maribe in court.

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