‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Series Finale is Perfection from Start to End and Here’s Why

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is over and honestly…we’re sad but not totally devastated. We know, sounds crazy? But trust us and let us explain. Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been our companion for 8 seasons. We’ve watched Jake, Amy, Holt, Rosa, Boyle, Terry, and the rest of the gang transform from our friends on TV to our family that lifts us up when the world gets a little too much, as it continues to do in 2021. But the fact that we lived this, breathed this, and fell in love with these characters and actors is time well spent that we’re holding onto. Because sure, the show’s over, but the way that it changed us will always be with us.

That’s why we don’t want to do a sad review about everything that we’re losing. We want to talk about straight-up facts about why this show is amazing and why we loved this season finale. So, yes, we’re gonna talk about Amy and Jake. And there will be some Holt and Kevin love. But there’s also love for Amy and Rose, Gina’s return, and that last scene that made us feel like no matter where they go, we’ll be along for the ride in some way, shape, or form. And that’s something that we have to believe in and hope you give a chance to believe in as well.

1. The fact that their adventures are still ongoing…

This ending is a promise. The heists will keep going, the love will keep growing, and the fun will never stop. That gives us hope that maybe there will something extra like a holiday special down the line. But even then, we’ll be OK with the knowledge that they are still being the love-able weirdos that we’ve come to love over the span of 8 seasons. That matters.

2. The fact that Jake and Holt really are father and son…

As soon as Holt approached Jake…we knew this moment would happen. And it tore our feels apart because they have grown together so much over 8 seasons. They barely could stand each other in the beginning and years later, here they are bonding and speaking to truth what we’ve known for ages. Jake and Holt are family. Period.

3. The fact that we got to see Amy and Jake’s journey…

#Peraltiago is one of the purest things in the world. And this series finale proved how much they love, support, and care for each other. Jake leaving his job isn’t a sacrifice and either is Amy taking this new job. It’s them lifting each other up as they transform into parents and further their careers, whether that be in the police force or staying home.

4. The fact that Gina returned for one last ride…

We have missed the Paris of people. Seriously, she is the messiest person on this show and we have missed how she shook things up and stood out amongst her family at the Nine-Nine. The fact that she’s still the same crazy-ass person we know and love just makes it better. And knowing that she’s now famous and rich means more people get to experience Gina in this world.

5. The fact that Holt’s love for Kevin is eternal…

This tattoo reveal is a reminder that Holt loves Kevin enough to have a tattoo of this man on his body. They’re our dads and it’s been an absolute pleasure watching them grow as a couple and find their way back to each other after things got hard and they fell apart a little. Their love is real, timeless, and the representation we hope to see more of.

6. The fact that we got one more dose of Amy and Rosa…

Amy and Rosa have been one of our favorite duos from the very start. Their starkly different personalities made for interesting moments that helped solidify the bond they have as coworkers, friends, and family. Also, they’re a reminder that more than one Latina can be cast in a show and still be kick-ass characters that complement and tell stories about our communities as Latine people.

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