Meet Nick Ndeda’s beautiful, hotwife Jackie Atonga


Nick Ndeda has a beautiful, stunning wife, Jackie Atonga who is also the mother of their two adorable kids.
Right now everybody wants to know more about Nick Ndeda now that he’s Betty Kyallo’s official boyfriend after they went public a few days on social media after Edgar Obare followers, fans, and supporters broke the news to him.

As it turns out, Nick Ndeda held a lavish, white wedding to one beautiful, gorgeous Jackie Atonga, and together they have been blessed with two children. They both love their kids but that didn’t stop them from going their separate ways when their marriage didn’t work.

They have since separated, what is not corroborated from Edgar Obare’s sources is if they have legally separated, it’s not confirmed if they have both signed the divorce papers, what’s definite is that they’re no together at the moment.

Nick Ndeda, and his wife Jackie Atonga when they got married.

The hunk of a man, Nick Ndeda who is also an Advocate of the High Court who does photography as a hobby when he gets the time became a person of interest as soon as his relationship with the celebrated Journalist cum businesswoman Betty Kyallo became public.

According to an anonymous source who shared the crucial information of Nick Ndeda being married, he/she said that Nick Ndeda intends to use Betty Kyallo’s popularity to help him vie for a political position in the next elections in 2022, again, this hasn’t been confirmed but merely claims that are yet to be corroborated, so they’re rather alleged information.

“Hey Edgar Good Afternoon. Nick is married to Jackie Atonga they have two babies, they separated because he is the modern definition of mwanaume [Swahili expletive]

He wants to run for public office in the next elections, and Betty is the ideal catch, she will help get popular.” the tell-all tea to Edgar Obare read in part.

Thanks to the digging of Nick Ndeda’s past life, it has now been revealed to the general public by Edgar Obare’s minions that Nick Ndeda was married, not only married but was married to a beautiful, gorgeous lady with fair perfect skin who is the mother of their two kids.

She looks so beautiful, almost perfect, if you look at her photo, you wouldn’t believe she’s a mother of two children, she barely looks 25 years old.

Nick Ndeda, and Edgar Obare.

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