Ezekiel Mutua says his contracts expires in October

Eric Omondi and Ezekiel mutua
Kenya Film Classification Boss Ezekiel Mutua is trending after he was allegedly sacked as CEO of KFCB by ICT cabinet secretary Joe Mucheru.

In a tweet by Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo, it read that Mucheru had kicked out Mutua in an unlawfully move.

Speaking in an earlier interview with Jacque Maribe, Mutua said he will only leave the office if the Board asks him to do so.

''My employer is the board, the rest are sideshows. I am a seasoned journalist and I don't serve as pleasure of a title, honestly, I think I give more value to KFCB than the other way round. I don't think I will die on the job. A time will come when I will step out.''

Mutua added that the agenda of his opponents wanting him out is national. He had a public back and forth with Eric Omondi who swore to lobby for his firing.

''You can't be a soldier and be liked from both sides or a striker and liked by the other side. I know my job, I am a regulator which is not to be liked.''

Eric Omondi Facebook
He added that his contract expires in October but until then, he will be in office.

''My work is to always do what pleases God and if leaving KFCB pleases Him, then I will leave. My contract expires in October and those giving deadlines can only wait.''

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