I have eaten toothpaste for dinner – Pastor Burale speaks on attempting suicide thrice

Motivational speaker and preacher Robert Burale.

Motivational speaker and preacher Robert Burale has opened up on attempting suicide after life took a toll on him.

Speaking in a recent interview, the celebrity preacher said he attempted suicide once while in the United Kingdom (UK) and twice in Kenya as he could not afford to sustain himself.

“I have tried commuting suicide, in the UK I tried once and here (Kenya) twice. Life was hard, I couldn’t afford three meals a day. I have eaten toothpaste for dinner, not for hygiene purposes… Sometimes when God wants you to go through a season he will block help,” Burale said.

He added that at the time, many of his close friends isolated from him, however, thanking God for their actions as it made him a better person.

“I thank God many people ran away from me because they made me the man I am today. Nobody can come to me and tell me he has not eaten and I don’t give him food, I know hunger can make a grown man cry,” he said.

Burale also revealed plans to settle and married again after separating with his wife, Rozinah Mwakideu close to four years ago.

“Do I intend to get married? 150 percent. I mean, I’m a Luhya man, I don’t have any grace to be single. Marriage is a good idea, marriage is a God idea, so marriage is good,” he stated.

He also revealed some of the challenges he faces as a divorcee and serving the word of God.

“First and foremost is you get a lot of judgement, you get a lot of abusers and Christians can be very judgemental. Also, after preaching the gospel there is an emptiness you feel and you want to come back home to a wife,” said Burale.

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