Vera Sidika manifested her pregnancy 3 years ago

Vera Sidika predicted her pregnancy 3 years ago even to the day she's expecting to give birth. Talk of the power of manifestation.

Vera Sidika knew all along that she would be pregnant and happily in a relationship 3 years ago.

Vera Sidika, a renowned socialite cum businesswoman and entrepreneur who moved her base to Mombasa made a comeback on YouTube to open up on the manifestation of her pregnancy.

Sidika who removed her contraceptive in January and got pregnant in their first trial actually predicted that she would be pregnant in 2021 in the cameo of her ‘Nalia’ hit song.

That song has a lot of gems that a lot of people were sleeping on, she subtly spills the beans on that record, go check it out.

Now happily married, Vera Sidika, 31, disclosed that she’s happily married to her husband, Brown Mauzo who happily makes sure she’s well taken care of.

“… my husband has been amazing, I can’t even start talking about him, he massages me sometimes at 4 o’clock in the morning.

I would just wake and be like, “baby, I’m having a slight back pain and he would just massage me at 4 o’clock in the morning. He cooks for me, he takes for me, he shaves my pumpum honey[laughs] like it’s so beautiful.

So make sure you have it[pregnancy] with the right person, have it with someone who is a family man, have it with someone who would love to go through the journey with you and you’re just gonna have it so blissful, you’re gonna glow in your pregnancy. It’s gonna be beautiful.

I chose to do this video today actually coz I want to take you through my pregnancy journey.” Vera Sidika said in the video that she shared on her YouTube channel.

Vera Sidika promised to post more photos of her pregnancy journey to motivate other women who want to get pregnant plus she wants to share the experience with the whole world, she even shared a video of when she went for the baby scan.

You can actually see Vera Sidika who is 12 weeks pregnant glow in her pregnancy and very happy being in a relationship with her hubby.

I predicted my pregnancy 3 years ago- Vera Sidika shares pregnancy Journey

You have to be happy for her, especially after watching the video she shared a couple of hours ago.

Here’s the video of herself talking about her pregnancy that she predicted three years when she directed her first music video dubbed ‘Nalia’ that she released on 10th November 2018, and her due date is believed to be 5th November 2021.

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