Ringtone Apoko Claims He Spent Half a Million on Medication, Car Repair after Alai Incident

musician Ringtone gesturing towards blogger Robert Alai

Musician Alex Apoko, known as Ringtone now claims he’s spent close to half a million shillings to treat injuries and repair his car following last week’s altercation with blogger Robert Alai.

The incident received mixed reactions with allegations that it was a publicity stunt, a claim he has vehemently refuted.

“I am still in pain, I have been experiencing severe headaches, my jaw hurts, my arms hurt, and I’m constantly dizzy.”

Since the incident, Ringtone has released videos on social media seen showing his body wrapped with multiple bandages on his face, head, and arm asking his fans to pray for him.

The Pamela, hitmaker’s track record of clout chasing and publicity stunts have made Kenyans on social media suspicious about the legitimacy of his injuries, as well as the incident entirely; with some people claiming that it could be a stunt to promote an upcoming song by the artist, as he’s done so before.

But he insists,

“There is no way I could have faked the blood dripping from my face. The injuries I sustained from Alai hitting me are real, and the 500k worth of damages made to my property is also very real.”

Police have confirmed that Alai was set to be charged with assault and malicious destruction of property after he reportedly smashed the windows of Ringtone’s Range Rover and also repeatedly hit him.

Alai, a controversial blogger, and aspiring politician has challenged the musician to a court battle.

“I will have my day in court,” he insisted

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