Notiflow Breaks Up With Brutal Girlfriend King Alami- She Almost Killed Me!

Noti Flow with King Alami

Kenyan rapper Natalie Florence Kutoto, better known as Noti Flow, has finally confirmed her break up with girlfriend King Alami. The ‘Foto Moto’ hitmaker has disclosed that the separation was inevitable due to Alami’s brutal character.

The two have since deleted each other’s photos on their Instagram pages.

Notiflow and King Alami

In May this year, Notiflow came out as a member of the LGBTQI by introducing King Alami as her new lover to the public. She shared lovely videos of both of them getting naughty.

Their love seemed to be a perennial one when Noti Flow shared a video of King Alami getting a tattoo of her name.

They also moved in together to spice up their relationship.

Noti has now taken to her Instagram to confirm that they’re no longer an item. On an Insta Q&A, she claimed that she’s no longer in a relationship.

She continued to add that she’ll be taking a break from dating.

Notiflow also stated that after an argument, Alami almost killed her;

Notiflow and King Alami break up

Notiflow and King Alami break up

Notiflow and King Alami break up

Notiflow and King Alami break up

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