Nick Ndeda & girlfriend Muthoni Gitau breakup after 7 years (Video)

Nick Ndenda and Muthoni Gitau

Former Kiss 100 Nick Ndeda and YouTube content creator Muthoni Gitau have announced their break up after their 7-year relationship.

In a video released on a YouTube channel they used to jointly run, the two revealed that their shared goals were no longer tenable.

In the video, Nick acknowledged that he was a little bit lax in pursuing their shared goals and Muthoni was making most of the effort.

On her part, Muthoni said she intends to explore the dating pool because she got into the relationship at 23 and skipped that experience.

 “After 7 years, this feels like the best decision for both of us. The plan is to grow and heal as individuals as we evaluate what we want moving forward,” a statement on their YouTube platform.

The two clarified that the channel would continue running under Muthoni as Nick focuses on his own projects.

“This decision was not made overnight. It has been three months of thinking and talking to professionals. There are also certain external factors that have contributed to the decision.

Nick Ndenda and Muthoni Gitau

“There are also certain people that made the decision very easy, certain people... I know they are watching so that they can make phone calls, do it!,” Muthoni said.

Keeping a united front against haters and trolls the two said that they were on good terms with each other and Kenyans should not expect them to badmouth each other.

“I’m feeling very good about this decision, it makes me feel very excited for whatever is coming next,” Muthoni added as Nick said he would pursue some personal goals which he had postponed while in the relationship.

She responded by saying that if he got distracted it would only affect his goals and not hers.

The YouTube content creator also changed her channel to Just Doing Life with Muthoni Gitau and removed Nick’s pictures.

Full Statement

In the last video, I mentioned that a lot has been happening and today you'll probably get an idea of what. For the last 7 years, Nick and I have had our ups and downs (and they were many) and one thing we have always said that if either of us felt like this wasn't working out anymore, we would make that known.

At this point, we are going our separate ways.

After 7 years, this feels like the best decision for both of us. The plan is to grow and heal as individuals as we evaluate what we want moving forward.

This video is just to avoid any speculations moving forward as we explore the next steps in our lives. Please feel free to hold your input on this choice (which has already been made), thank you.

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