Maureen Waititu spoilt by boyfriend, taken on vacation in Colombia

Maureen Waititu taken on a vacation with her new boyfriend in Colombia.

Maureen Waititu is one happy and lucky woman who isn’t complaining anything about love whatsoever, that side is secured.

The beautiful hard-working mother of two adorable sons first talked about her boyfriend who spoilt her on Valentine’s Day this year, she wants to keep him off social media.

Maureen Waititu taking a picture at Bolivar Square (Plaza de Bolívar de Bogotá).

Maureen Waititu taking a picture at Bolivar Square (Plaza de Bolívar de Bogotá).

There’s nobody complaining about her not sharing her boyfriend on social media so long as she’s happy, everybody who has been rooting for her since her public breakup with fitness trainer Frankie JustGymIt are happy for her, I mean, who wouldn’t? she’s been through a lot.

Thanks to her loving, caring boyfriend who is yet to be unveiled, Maureen Waititu is on a vacation in Colombia.

Having arrived in Bogotá, Colombia two days ago, Maureen Waititu has explored the South American country with her boo and taken a lot of pictures to commemorate her exclusive vacay with her boo.

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