Jacque Maribe: Ex-citizen TV news anchor makes comeback with own YouTube show

Media personality and former Citizen TV news anchor Jacque Maribe

Media personality and former Citizen TV news anchor Jacque Maribe has made a comeback to the screens with yet another online show.

On Friday, July 9, Maribe disclosed details of her new show titled ‘The Jacque Maribe Show’ revealing that it would air every Sundays at 8pm on YouTube.

    “In the silence, is a resilient spirit, quietly, purposefully, determined to unfold…and so, The Jacque Maribe Show, is born…L.O.A.D.I.N.G…” wrote Maribe.

In another post, Maribe disclosed that her first episode of the show would be graced by the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) president Nelson Havi.

    “LSK President Nelson Havi is on The Jacque Maribe Show. Sunday 8pm, on @thejacquemaribeshow YouTube page” She wrote.

This comes months after Maribe took a break from the Hot Seat Show which she had used to make a comeback again.

Maribe only hosted the first season of the show before quiting when season two was to start.

She left her producer, Sarah Mwangi running the show and has been doing a marvelous job.

Maribe came to the screens after a two-year forced sabbatical after she was involved in a murder case where her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend Monica Kimani got killed.

She then resigned from Citizen TV after the court barred her from presenting news on TV. The rules however did not block her from presenting or hosting shows on online platforms.

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