Buruklyn Boyz drops another banger ‘Dream ya Kutoka kwa Block’

Buruklyn Boyz[AJay, and Mr Right] has dropped another anthem dubbed 'Dream ya Kutoka kwa Block' simultaneously with the visuals.

Buruklyn Boyz has recently released a new single dubbed ‘Dream ya Kutoka kwa Block’ that has been well received by fans across the country. Burukyln Boyz drops ‘Dream Kutoka Kwa Block’ visuals.

The group that consists of Mr Right, and AJay got a massive accolade a few days ago after their ‘Nairobi’ hit single reached the 1 million views mark on YouTube reaching a million views mark in just 7 months which is not an easy feat to achieve considering they achieved the 1 million views mark as underground rap group which wasn’t that known by the mainstream music scene prior to releasing their ‘Nairobi’ hit record.

The music group that coined the ‘Kwani ni Kesho’, and ‘TanoNane’ catchphrases are back again with a new offering dubbed ‘Dream ya Kutoka kwa Block’ that talks about the motivation of leaving the hood and making it big in life through their music.

AJay is proving to be a great hook master as he’s also the one who jumped on the hook of the song just as he did on the ‘Nairobi’ song.

The Buruklyn Boyz, originally from the Buru Buru neighborhood in Nairobi is a force to reckon with in the Kenyan music industry today representing the drill sound to the fullest like nobody else at the moment.

The duo strong[sic] is on a roll right now, and fans can’t seem to get enough of them as a unit with their impressive songs, catchy catchphrases, and interesting hooks that make you want to listen to what they are saying on their records.

They are bringing new untapped flavor that hip hop didn’t know we lacked and capitalized on it big time!

Buruklyn Boyz is most definitely here to stay and if by chance you need a little convincing, just listen to their latest hit record ‘Dream ya Kutoka kwa Block’ below as written and performed by AJay aka Namba1, and Mr Right.

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