Break-up? DJ Creme De La Creme changes Instagram bio, deletes wife’s photos

Celebrated disc jockey George Njuguna, alias DJ Creme De La Creme and his wife.

Celebrated disc jockey George Njuguna, alias DJ Creme De La Creme on Wednesday evening, July 29 caused a stir after posting a cryptic message about marriage.

Through his Insta Story, the father of two shared a message that caused uncertainty, also meaning that his marriage could be on the rocks.

“Marriage is a scam. Don’t let anyone lie to you,” he wrote.

On his Instagram feed, Creme shared a photo holding what appeared to be a lit marijuana, accompanying it with a message stating that he will be alright.

“Imma be alright,” he remarked.

As his fans and observers wander around what he meant in the aforesaid statements, Bounce Nation learnt that Creme also changed his Instagram biography (bio).

Initially, the deejay had indicated that he is ‘DJ, dad and husband’ among other titles.

However, a crosscheck at his Instagram bio showed that he changed to, ‘C.E.O Esko Life Clothing’, fueling up indications that something must be off.

It has also emerged that Creme has pulled down all photos of his wife, Denise from the social media platform, further pulling down a post where he professed his love to her after proposing.

In his message, the deejay had noted that he had stressed his wife, however, promising to love her forever.

“It took me 14 years. 14 long years to ask my best friend, my confidant, mother to my kids, my forever person to marry me? I know I’ve stressed you out so many times, but my heart and all I got belongs to you. I wanna love you forever,” wrote the deejay.

Further, Denise pulled down photos of the Creme from her Instagram page.

Also, reports on social media indicated that his wife was recently spotted in Nairobi’s Thika Road Mall (TRM) putting huge loads of shopping in her car despite the family living in Kericho.

“I spotted his wife last Friday at the TRM parking putting away huge loads of shopping in her car, and for some reason, I thought it was odd that she was this sides and her family is in Kericho,” said a social media user through gossip blogger Edgar Obare.

About four months ago, Creme said in an interview with a local publication that his wife had a hard time moving to Kericho, having lived her whole life in the city.

“My wife couldn’t believe we were actually moving, but this was important if we were to manage life through the hard times. We had to swallow our pride, even as everyone wondered how I, arguably Kenya’s best deejay, would move back to what you would call village life. I knew this was the only way out and explained to my wife that we would start all over again,” said the deejay.

In the recent past, the deejay was accused of getting involved with other women in his line of duty after a video showing him seemingly kissing a lady on her cheek was shared by Obare on his Instagram page.

In a separate video, Creme was also spotted with a lady in a popular entertainment joint in Nairobi where he was set to perform.

As social media users continue to probe the deejay’s recent statements, he recently confessed to smoking marijuana for over 20 years.

“I have been using weed for the last 24 years and see, my life turned out pretty well, furthermore, I was an A student,” he said.

He further called for the legalization of the ‘holy herb’ arguing that it is long overdue.

“This conversation should have taken place like 20years ago. We live in pretence where people smoke in private then come out to castigate marijuana as a deadly drug. Furthermore, how many people have you heard of that have succumbed to overdose intake of the same,” he added.

The two share two kids namely Zawadi and Jamari.

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